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HPH Series J-Hook w/Wire Retainer
HPH Series J-Hook w/Wire Retainer
hph j-hook with mounting hole
hph j-hook with angle clips
hph j-hook with bat wing clamp
hph j-hook with hammer-on clamp
hph j-hook with screw-on clamp
hph j-hook with other attachments
Drive pin Attachments
hph j-hook with other attachments


Freight Paid by the Service Warehouse $100.00 Minimum Order

HPH Series "Wide Base" J-HOOKS are specifically designed for the TIA NEW requirements for routing sensitive data cables. The "wide base" plastic portion has rounded edges which provide the optimal bend radius needed for high performance cable. One of the best features of this new hook is the built-in “snap-lock” retainer which can be easily opened and closed multiple times. This is more efficient than clumsy retainer wires, cable ties or Velcro straps that need to be assembled to traditional metal hooks. High performance data cable, including Cat 6ACat7 and fiber optic cable all require specific support geometry to perform at optimum levels. The design of the new HPH J-Hooks took all of these requirements and applications into account.

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