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Terminal and Connectors

Terminals & Connectors

Crimp Terminals
Splice Connectors
Grounding Product
Terminal Blocks
Coaxial Connectors
rosin core solder
spacers and standoffs
carbon film resistors
Freight Paid by the Service Warehouse $100.00 Minimum Order

Crimp Terminals AWG Vinyl Insulated Spade Terminals Ring Terminals Quick Disconnects Butt Connectors These Terminals are made with grade "A" crimping vinyl. They are block style spade connectors for superior fit in barrier strips. These connectors are UL Listed, CSA Approved.
Splice Connectors: WIREGARDô is the industry's standard screw-on connector, with performance, quality, and durability, that is second to none. These wire connectors comply with Federal Specification W-5-610d, are UL486C Listed, and are CSA Certified. They are color coded for easy identification.
Terminal Blocks allow the user to cut to the desired number of ports needed. The TB Series are also designed with a metal wire protector flap under the set screw that cinches the wire into the port. This ensures a solid wire connection which is especially helpful when terminating stranded wire. Standard appliance terminal blocks rely only on the screw tip to make the connection. These terminal blocks are the screw-down style(cinch type) that have 12 ports on each side that will accept from 22 - 8 gauge solid or stranded wire directly into each port.
BNC Connectors are one piece, one-step, crimpless, field installable plug that can cut cable assembly time in half. Simply insert and twist the trimmed cable for a high integrity termination. No contact soldering, crimping, or loose parts are needed. No tool, training or special dexterity is required.

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