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High Speed Steel Bits

Jobber length drill bits
stubby drill bits
double ended drill bits
Standard Length: 1/16 to 1/2"
Shorter Length than Jobber
Two Sided Stubby's
reduced shank drill bits
aircraft extension drill bits
silver & deming Drill bits
Aircraft Extension Bits
Silver & Deming Bits
Standard Sizes: 1/16 to 1/2"
Extended Length: 6" thru 54"
Larger Sizes 17/32 to 1-1/2"


mag-lube industrial tapping
Freight Paid by the Service Warehouse $100.00 Minimum Order

High Speed Steel Cobalt Bits

Numbered Series (wire gauge drill bit size) These self- centering, premium grade, high speed drill bits will outlast and out perform all general purpose high speed bits on the market. These drill bits are made of super hard M-1 steel for cutting hard, tough materials. The 135° angle of the tip allows more of the cutting edge to be in contact with the material. The split point self centers the drill bit keeping it from "walking" across the surface. Considering the low price, high performance, and long cutting life, these bits are an unmatched value. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Fractional Drill Bit Size Series NOTE: Jobber length is the universal size for drill bits that gradually lengthen with each larger diameter. For example, 1/16" = 1 7/8", 1/8" = 2 3/4", 3/16" = 3 1/2", 1/4" = 4", 3/8" = 5", and 1/2" = 6".  

Stubby Number Drill Bits Size Ideal for production cut- ting of metal. The shorter "stubby flute" make it less likely to break when pressure is applied; compared to standard jobber length bits of the same diameter. They also come in handy in applications where space is a problem. For instance, 3/8 stubbys are often used to drill holes in the top of doors: Many times there is not enough room between the top of the door and ceiling for a full jobber length bit and a drill motor. Manufactured in the U.S.A.


Double Ended Drill Bits Double Ended Bits are like two stubbys back- to-back. They are also ideal for production cutting of metal. The shorter "stubby flute" is less likely to break when pressure is applied; compared to standard jobber length bits of same diameter. The two major advantages to our DE Series bits are 1) They Save Time; when one side gets dull, you simply flip it around, and 2)  
Reduced Shank Bits Designed to use larger diameter bits with smaller 1/4" or 3/8" chuck drill motors. 3/8" reduced shank bits are standard jobber length. 1/4" reduced shank bits are approximately 85% of the standard jobber length. Manufactured in the U.S.A.  
6" Aircraft Extension Bits Heavy duty high speed bits that have been extended to various specified lengths. They are commonly used when jobber length is simply not long enough. Manufactured in the U.S.A.  
M1-Ridgbor° Extension Bits These bits will cut through Metal lath, Nails, Knots, and "Hard Woods" easily. Most bell hangers are made of carbon tool steel, suitable for wood only. The Ridgbor is made of the same M-1 steel used in bits manufactured for production cutting of tough metals. The unique difference between the reduced series M-1 Ridgbor° and other HSS extension bits is the secondary machining process. The 3/8" M-1 Ridgbor is machine lathed down to 5/16", all the way into the bottom of the flute allowing 100% chip clearance and smooth, non-binding penetration. Especially suitable for drilling in nail embedded wood, the Ridgbor does not have a wire pull hole.  

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