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Wood Boring Drill Bits

wood boring paddle drill bits
wood boring auger drill bits
wood boring multi spur drill bits
wood boring forstner drill bits

Freight Paid by the Service Warehouse $100.00 Minimum Order

Wood Boring Drill Bits

Speedbor 2000 Short Paddle Bits These short paddle bits by IRWIN are the premier wood boring "spade bit" currently on the market. The 2000 Series is best known for the patented side spurs(which result in a smoother hole finish and less chipping). The manu-facturer is now incorporating quick change Lock-N-Load hex shanks that will allow the user to snap the bit in-and-out of a quick change power bit holder with ease. Extension is recommended for bits with a diameter of at least 5/8" for proper follow through. These short paddle bits are 6" in overall length.

LONG PADDLE BITS These long paddle bits by IRWIN have the same features as the standard series with an extended 16" overall length. These paddle bits come with a wire pull hole in the bit tip,making the Long Series a simple, easy-to-resharpen, wood cutting bell hanger.
Standard Series by PRO-EDGE These Multi Spur Bits by PRO-EDGE have a standard single flute design for boring through large, deep holes without clogging or binding. All sizes comes with two double sided replaceable feed screws and a 7/16" Shank.
Forstner Bits These forstner bits are made of chrome vanadium alloy steel and are designed specifically for drilling clean holes in thin stock, veneers, or end grains. Guided by its circular rim, the Forstner bit will cut cleanly without deflection by grain or knots. This bit's practical purpose is to keep from splintering or damaging the surface area in drilling applications where "aesthetics and quality of workmanship" is a paramount concern. These particular bits are unique in design using CAD/CAM technology: this results in ease of operation, perfect holes, and a super surface finish. Drills both flat bottom and through holes. Each of these bits are 3-1/2" long with a 3/8" Shank.

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