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percussion chisels
Percussion Chisels
Flat cold chisel scaling chipping and chiseling
Flat Cold Chisel
scaling, chipping, and chiseling
scaling chipping chisel
Scaling Chipping Chisel
removing scale, rust, and weld spatter
moil or bull point chisel used for light demoltion
Moil or Bull Point Chisel
used for light demolition
clay digging chisel for hard clay, dirt and grave
Clay Digging Chisel
Digging hard clay, dirt, and grave
slotting chisels for cutting slots between holes
Slotting Chisels
for cutting slots between holes
ground rod driver for driving ground rods
Ground Rod Driver
for driving ground rods
Freight Paid by the Service Warehouse $100.00 Minimum Order

Our chisels are forged from the highest quality Chrome-Vanadium Steel.

Our Chisels are heat treated in a high tech fluidized bed hardening and carbonizing furnances. This step is followed up with an aggressive shot blasting process to improve stress resistance on the surface special care is taken in surface preparation and lacquering to ensure a quality finish.

Our Factories metallurgical department continously monitors steel supplies, and manufacturing procedures to make sure they meet or exceed our high quality standards.

Traditional forging skills, such as hammer work on chisels, and drop stamp forging of cutting blades, are complimented by sophisticated technology applied to the precision machining of our chisels.


Percussion Chisel

Flat Cold Chisel: best for Scaling, Chipping, and Chiseling
Scaling Chipping Chisel: Specialty for Removing scale, rust, and weld spatter
Moil or Bull Point Chisel: used for light demolition
Clay Digging Chisel: Digging hard Clay, Dirt, and Grave
Slotting Chisels: for Cutting Slots Between Holes
Ground Rod Drive: good for Driving Ground Rod


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