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Concrete Screw Anchors

Drivecon Concrete Screw Anchors
wall dog concrete screw anchors


concrete screw masonry bits

Freight Paid by the Service Warehouse $100.00 Minimum Order

Tapper Concrete Screw Anchors Tapper are the Original Masonry Anchors that cuts threads into concrete, brick, and block. They are coated with Blue more corrosive resistant than zinc plated screws. Code Approvals in Chicago; Dade County, FL; Climaseal™ that is 10 times Palm Beach County, FL; City of New York; City of Los Angeles; I.C.B.O. Listed.

Each 100 Pack includes 1 Concrete Screw Drill Bit. Concrete Screw Drill Bits are carbide tipped bits that have a special shank designed to fit TAPPER installation tools such as the CSAD. While Concrete Screw Anchors can be installed with a standard power driver, TAPPER Installation Tools such as the CSAD, allows you to drill and fasten without un-chucking your drill. Both attach to any standard drill motor, hold the bit, drill the pilot hole, and drive the anchor.

Drivecon Concrete Screw Anchors The SW alternative mansonry anchor that cuts threads into concrete, brick, motar, and block. Blue CORSEAL coating is 10 times more corrosive resistant than zinc plated screws. Approvals - Chicago; Dade County, FL; Palm Beach County, FL; City of New York; City of Los Angeles; I.C.B.O. Listed

SW Wall-Dog Concrete Screw Anchor is the industries first all steel one-piece screw anchor, which features high-profile threads for easy fastening into wallboard and other masonry basematerials. Deep cutting, corkscrew like threads provide for smooth entry and a powerful hold. When removed, the SW Wall-Dog leaves a much smaller hole than toggles or other systems. For aesthetic appearances, the SW Wall-Dog is available in two color finishes: White
and Chrome.

    * Concrete, Hollow or Grout Filled Block, Brick, and Plaster:
    Requires a pre-drilled 3/16" ANSI hole and a Phillips power driver.
    * Wallboard(Drywall) or Wood:
    No pre-drilling is required, the anchor is inserted through the fixture and screwed in with an ordinary Phillips screw driver.
Typical applications include fastening electrical apparatus, lighting fixtures, drapery rods, signs, smoke detectors, security panels, telephone equipment, thermostats, and cable accessories.

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