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    VFR is our New Heavy Duty Flexible Retriever & Spaghetti Ball Chain made with a cylindrical Heavy Duty "Rare Earth" Magnet offering maximum "Find, Grab, and Retrieve" power. Some raw material upgrades and a few engineering improvements is all it took to create “The Best Flexible Retriever & Ball Chain” on the market. If you have never used a Flexible Wand & Ball Chain retriever before, this is your golden opportunity to own the best. Just drop the ball chain down the wall, which will fall like a wet spaghetti noodle. Then bend your flexible wand through the desired exit point retrieving the chain with the superior-strength magnet head. Attach your wire onto the chains end and pull back - fishing the wire back through the wall. Yes, it is that simple.


              • Permanently attached Cylindrical "Rare Earth" Magnet head has a 360˚ grabbing surface to Find, Grab & Retrieve your ball chain with ease).
                • Solid Copper Insulated Core allow the wand to be contorted into any shape imaginable withstanding numerous bends without damage - unlike the Aluminum core retrievers sold by other manufacturers.
                  • Flexible wand core is permanently attached “up into” the Cylindrical Magnet. Head for stronger pulling strength.
                    • Smaller diameter ball chain can easily fit in and out of small access holes.
                      • Gripping force unlike any other flexible retriever on the market.
                        • Manufactured in the U.S.A..

                          TOOL - RETRIEVER - FLEXIBLE
                          22" HD Flexible Retriever w/ "RE" Magnet & Ball Chain
                          TOOL - RETRIEVER - FLEXIBLE<br><font size=3><b>22 Quantity in Basket: None
                          Code: VFR
                          Price: $31.43

                          NEW!!! Heavy Duty Copper Core - Super Strong Cylindrical Rare Earth Magnet
                          This VFR is a heavy duty, improved version of the "Wet Noodle and Retriever" currently marketed by a competing manufacturer. It was originally designed for Vivint Security when their installation manager realized that the flexible retriever sold by other manufacturers had some deficiencies. One improvement is the VFR has a much stronger "Rare Earth" cylindrical magnet for maximum Find, Grab & Retrieve Power. The 2nd feature is the VFR is made with a solid Copper core which can be folded and bent numerous times without damage to the retriever. Many competing manufacturers at one also time used Copper, but have switched to a less expensive Aluminum core. Another unique feature is the cylindrical magnet has a larger surface area and can grab and retrieve from any side or the front rather than the smaller directional front tip magnets on other retrieval systems.

                          Set Includes:

                            1 - 22" Insulated Copper Flexible Wand with a Heavy Duty Cylindrical "Rare Earth" Magnet
                              1 - 10' Thinline Ball Chain with Stop Ring

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