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Telescoping Poles
Grabber Telescoping Poles
telescoping f-telepole
gopher pole telescoping
deluxe wire grabber telescoping pole
Freight Paid by the Service Warehouse $100.00 Minimum Order

Very light and easy to carry Deluxe Wire Grabber Telescoping Pole

1" diameter, 3' long collapsed - 26' extended. 1" diameter, 2' long collapsed - 16' extended Non-conductive, wound filament fiberglass won't rust or corrode. Polyester resin baked enamel coating. Uses all exchangeable attachments supplied with Push-Pull rods. All Purpose Hook Includ

This 22' Gopher Pole™ Telescoping Retriever has 5 sections of heavy duty, non-conductive fiberglass with a splinter resistant coating. There are snap-in lock buttons that keep the pole from collapsing. The advantages of this telescoping retriever is that it is durable, collapses effortlessly, and the smooth outer diameter minimizes hang-ups. The collapsed size is also a compact 52" in which it is an another advantage especially when maneuvering in tight spaces. You are able to push or pull effortlessly with the eyelet or exclusive hook/skid retriever tip. With this tool, you can fish wire between floor joists, finished basements, or any place where a wire can be seen but not reached. You are also able to fish wires where ladders cannot be used such as furnace rooms, utility rooms, or behind hot water heaters. Fish wire over high pipes, joists, beams, ect. without the use of ladders or hoists. Also, you can check smoke detectors on high ceilings without the use of a ladder
This 15'and 20' F-Telepole™ Telescoping Retriever has 3 sections of strong, non-conductive fiberglass which is very sturdy for pulling or pushing light and heavy cables. One advantage of this telescoping retriever is that it has a "NEW and IMPROVED" twist-lock system which allows you to tighten the pole at any desired length and keeps it from collapsing. You are able to push or pull effortlessly with the newly designed "K" or "Z" hook retriever tip and quick lever-lock system.

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