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Adhesive Tie Mounts

Acrylic adhesive is best for baked enamel, acrylic or enamel painted metal, glass, and other smoother surfaces including smooth raw metal. Acrylic adhesive is a firmer, more rigid adhesive that sets up almost like a glue. Once set, it tends to have better long term adhesion on most materials, but requires a longer initial set up time. in other words, keep your thumb on it a couple extra moments to ensure it has set up properly before inserting the cable tie and you will have excellent results.

Rubber adhesive is best for rough or uneven surfaces block, drywall, rubber, cloth ABS Plastic and latex painted metal including raw metal. Rubber adhesive has a slightly thicker, foam tape adhesive which can better absorb uneven surfaces. Rubber also has higher "initial" peel strength. The drawback is that it does not handle temperature changes as well as Acrylic and has a shorter "long term adhesion factored on some materials". Rubber is actually more common and works well on most surfaces with the exception of baked enamel.

If you have no preference between Acrylic adhesive or Rubber adhesive, we recommend "Acrylic" as your default. Most companies don't offer a choice, and it is also unlikely that most technicians would even notice the difference. Over the years we have accomodated particular customers individual adhesive mount preferences, however either style works well in most general applications. Baked enamel surfaces is the exception where we suggest using Acrylic adhesive only, as Rubber tends not to work in that particular application.

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