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This 6 in 1 Screw Driver is a Versatile 6 function screw driver with interchangeable, snap-in blades. This tool is supplied with four different tips on two reversible blades that fits snugly into hex-shaped machined shaft. The added feature to this tool is that the shaft can also be used as a 1/4" and 5/16" Nut Setter for hex screws. The shaft snaps into full-sized handle, so all four tip sizes are contained in a single screwdriver. This tool meets or exceeds ANSI standards for fit, hardness and torque.

Screw Driver Includes:

    1 - 3/16" Slotted Double-Sided Bit
      1 - 9/32" Slotted Double-Sided Bit
        1 - #1 Phillips Double-Sided Bit
          1 - #2 Phillips Double-Sided Bit
            1 - 1/4" Hardened Tube/Nut Driver
              1 - 5/16" Hardened Tube/Nut Driver
                1 - 4-1/2" Extra Large Handle Grip

              TOOL - DRIVER - ALL IN ONE
              6 in 1 Power Bit Screw Driver (ea)
              TOOL - DRIVER - ALL IN ONE<br><font size=3><b>6 in 1 Power Bit Screw Driver (ea) Quantity in Basket: None
              Code: SD-61
              Price: $5.40
              basic version (power bits)

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