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Security Screws

security Screws One Way Screws
security screws spanners
security screws hex socket with pin
security screws torx Drive With Pin
security screws spanners


Freight Paid by the Service Warehouse $100.00 Minimum Order



One Way Screws can be installed with a standard, flat blade screw driver but can only be removed with a special removal tool. Many national retail stores continue to specify "One Way's" because they are still the most "Tamper-Proof" security screws available. Even with removal tool, this screw cannot be removed easily.

Spanner Screws are installed and removed with a Spanner (Snake Eyes) Insert Bit, Power Bit Driver.
Hex Socket with Pin are installed and removed with a Hex Socket W/Pin Insert Bit or Power Bit Driver.
Torx with Pin are installed and removed with a Torx w/Pin Insert Bit or Power Bit Driver.
Torx Plus with Pin are installed and removed with a 5-Sided Torx-Plus Insert Bit or Power Bit Driver (limited quantity purchase of driver bits allowed).

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