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General Description:

Quick-Grip® is a fast setting, crystal clear adhesive that bonds virtually any material in 40 seconds. For industrial, office, marine, automotive, and shop use. Bonds to: metals, glass, cable jackets, wire, concrete, ceramics, porcelain, textiles, paper, wood, leather, felt, fiberglass, plaster, cork, most rubber and plastics. As a uniquely formulated synthetic based polymer, the Q-2 will stay elastic. It is oxygen activated to cure quickly but not to your fingers. It needs to be applied to one surface only for maximum strength and since it is not a silicone, it is waterproof and paintable.

Specific Applications:

While the Q-2 is an all-purpose adhesive that has a wide variety of specific purposes, the industrial use for this product is the reason we added it to our line. It is perfect for gluing wire and cable to walls and/or along baseboards, fastening components to the inside of panels, and adhering most any apparatus to surfaces quickly and economically. It is ideal in situations where fishing wire is impossible. Not recommended for mending broken objects.

Comparisons With Other Products:

• Crazy Glues and Super Glues.....high tensile strength(holding power) but the shear strength(elasticity and    shock absorbing power) are very low. Difficult to clean off fingers.
• White Glues and Yellow Glues..sensitive to temperatures, moisture, and eventually becomes brittle with age.
• Epoxy Adhesives.....long curing cycles and usually formulated for specific purposes.
• Plastic Household Adhesives.....closest to Quick-Gripฎ Q-2, however more expensive and "job specific".

Performance Data:

    • Wood: 450-600 psi
      • Aluminum: 105 psi
        • Galvanized Steel: 150-200 psi
          • Solid Polystyrene: 225 psi


          • Base: Synthetic Elastomer
            • Viscosity: Approximately 4,500 cps
              • Color: Crystal Clear, Colorless Liquid
                • Water Resistance: Waterproof When Cured

              Quick-Grip Adhesive
              Code Name Image Description  
              2 oz. Quick-Grip® Adhesive Sqeeze Tube

              Freight Paid by the Service Warehouse $100.00 Minimum Order

              Toll-Free (800) 822-6004
              310 329-9110
              24-Hour Fax (310) 329-9428
              Email: Sales@TheServiceWarehouse.com